Custom Coals

As a local project in the Texas Hill Country and surrounding area, we have the ability to offer services that allow us to turn invasive Cedar into custom charcoal for customers.

In our native ecosystem of Austin, Tx and the surrounding Hill Country, Cedar or Ash Juniper robs water from other species that are productive for wildlife. Cedar trees are an invasive species that create a canopy that chokes out the growth of desirable vegetation. The trees also cause soil erosion in the shallow hill country soils by not allowing grasses and shrubs to grow under their thick canopies.

It is the desire of many a landowner in the Hill Country to clear this invasive species. No matter the way the cedar is cleared there is always waste to either chip or burn. This makes the biomass a wasted crop. So we take our mobile retort to their property and turn the cleared Cedar into charcoal for grilling or biochar to add to the health of the soil.