Hot Bambú - Bamboo Charcoal

Hot Bambú is the only product in the U.S market that utilizes bamboo charcoal as a source of heat for grilling. Lump charcoal is charcoal in its natural state and because it has no fillers, it is an extremely high caloric charcoal with very little ash and a high percentage of locked carbon.

These attributes allow it to be a high performance alternative to regular lump. As a grilling product bamboo charcoal lights faster, burns longer and hotter, and what little ash is left can be tilled right back into the soil. Unlike other charcoals on the market, it contains no plywood, sawdust, pine, treated flooring, and certainly no lignite and anthracite coal dust, borax, sodium nitrate, lime, or toxic solvents, making our product an excellent healthy option. Hot. Healthy. Green.