Carbon Consulting

Through biomass, bamboo is the most comprehensive and effective answer known to mankind to satisfy biomass energy needs. Carbon Bamboo can help to implement bamboo charcoal production.

The commercialization of recent innovations in bamboo processing has created significant new market opportunities. We consult on subjects regarding: size and scope depending on location and desired outcome and quantity of production, appropriate machinery for the project with consideration of labor and investment capabilities, and potential contract options for supplying Carbon Bamboo with product. We have the opportunity to advise on:

- Availability of Biomass (specifically bamboo)
- Technical Feasibility
- Bamboo Charcoal Retort Technology
- Bamboo processing & Production
- Training Manuals
- Market Profile
- Scale-up Feasibility
- Applications

As an example we have consulted with a group to set up a central retort in a municipality. This group keeps 60% of the production from the retort and we have a contract to purchase 40% of the finished product to bring to market. This allows for a local small business as well as a secure relationship with a U.S company for export.
Within the framework of its consulting action, Carbon Bamboo provides technical and project management support to help evaluate the feasibility of the projects and assess what would be the best available technologies to fit with the project’s objectives and local context.