Retort Technology

Charcoal and biochar production are done on large and small scales with varying technologies. It is produced by heating a kiln/retort full of material to a certain temperature under a limited oxygen supply. The water and volatile organic compounds are removed from the material, leaving mostly carbon.

Carbon Bamboo utilizes highly efficient and environmentally friendly charcoal production systems. These production systems permit the harmful gases and volatiles, typically released into the atmosphere by traditional processing methods, to be recycled and combusted during production to fuel the carbonization process.

We have inexpensive, low-tech technologies that utilize local materials so communities can produce and ultimately help themselves. We have license for larger brick and mortar machines that can produce 600 lbs at a time. The company is also partnered and with higher tech mobile retort technologies that can move to a location where it is needed, fill the retort with bamboo, and produce finished charcoal right on sight.