History of Carbon Bamboo L3C

As founders of Maya Bamboo LLC, Carbon Bamboo L3C’s former name and structure, we conceived of, branded, and brought to market Hot Bambú lump charcoal; a high performance grilling charcoal sustainably produced from bamboo.

We took the product all the way to a test market with Whole Foods Mid-Atlantic and proved the consumer market for an alternative-grilling product that does not contribute to deforestation.

We realized the work was about more than the products we could make with bamboo charcoal. It is about the farmers and plantation owners that don’t know about the possibility of clean charcoal production from bamboo and the industry it can provide.

This is why we restructured to an L3C and re-named ourselves for clarity about our pursuit. The fundamental need to educate the consumer and the world about the benefits of utilizing a sustainable biomass, bamboo. While at the same time answering market demand for sustainable bamboo charcoal products that allow our social venture to have funds to continue our work.