Transfer & Training

Bamboo industry is exploding worldwide. INBAR- International Network for Bamboo and Rattan is a necessary and amazing organization in this industry. They move in and work with government organization to train and transfer information about bamboo cultivation. They provide conferences demonstrating the use of bamboo in mitigating climate change, through the ability of bamboo to sequester carbon, as well as the products and industry that can come from sustainable bamboo management which can provide income generation for the people.

Their job is a big one and with 40 member countries they cannot do it alone. This is where our opportunity to continue to solidify this work of spreading the good of bamboo. For us, it is the further support and education of bamboo charcoal production via clean and appropriate technologies.

Our newest project is in Jamaica. With over 47,000 hectares of common bamboo (not on private property) the Jamaican government supports product development for their people and the potential for bamboo initiatives to help alleviate poverty.

With our experience training and developing bamboo charcoal production we aim to develop further partnership technology transfer in Jamaica. Carbon Bamboo offers different technology depending on the project size and location. Please contact us if you are interested in discussing opportunities involving bamboo charcoal production.